Throwback to New Bingham (1976): Stereotypes

Marietta Lehmitz, Staff Writer

When the Bingham High School in South Jordan opened it’s doors to students in 1976 fewer than 900 students attended.  Today, 2,409 students are enrolled at Bingham. This significant difference plays a role in student life.
Coming from a smaller building to our current school was similar to what it is like when you move into a new home. You are happy about the new school but you hate leaving a place that holds precious memories. “The move to South Jordan also provided a new attitude for Bingham students to step up as a student body and set a fresh and new standard.” said Carol Green, a senior from 1976.
Bingham’s boundaries were large demographically forty years ago. Most of the students that attended Bingham ranged from Copperton to Sandy and West Jordan to Riverton. Most of this land was undeveloped. This area had a semi-rural feel so agriculture related activities were common.
Bingham had numerous agriculture related classes which helped point the stereotype of an ‘aggie’ or in other words someone interested in agriculture. FFA (Future Farmers of America) was a large organization which helped students with livestock shows and the state fair. You would find these students often wearing jeans, boots, and occasionally their cowboy hats. The number of students interested in agriculture decreases as we see more development and farms disappearing.
Today, Bingham seems to win everything. It wasn’t like that forty years ago. The basketball, football, and other teams had an average year for wins and loses. Students that participated in one or often more were tied to the jocks group.
    Students in CTE were stereotyped as the home ec group. These students, usually girls, spent their time improving skills that would help them in a future home such as cooking, sewing, and other useful home related skills. CTE classes are still taught today, but students often take these classes to fill their schedules. Things sure have changed in the last 40 years.