What I’ve Learned from Relationships

Mitch Potter, Online Editor

Relationships are the most complicated style of learning that takes place in an individual’s life. They are also the most important, for it is there that an individual learns everything that is wrong with them in the most merciless way possible.

It all started in seventh grade when a young boy with a dream set out one day to conquer his fears and give way to his heart’s desires. He stared down that daunting middle school hallway and approached. One simple question, “Will you be my girlfriend?” immediately followed with one simple answer, “sure.”

The next 48 hours were full of nothing but texting, and they ended with one final text and some other dude with better hair. Lesson learned? The boy’s hair sucks and so does his approach to the situation.

Then the boy entered the greatest challenge every child in America fears: the eighth grade. The solution he developed for his seventh grade problem was simple, go for the older grade. Apparently if you’re not ridiculously smooth, or as her friends put it, “a jerk”, you had no chance.

So in the same year, the boy still believing he had all of the answers, he went for the younger grade. Well he sort of had success there. For five months he felt like he was the king of the world, or as close as possible while still being in middle school where “relationship issues” meant you didn’t see each other in the hall so you were mad at each other. And like before, there was “the other dude”.

This other dude was some jerk who was apparently popular or something and also was with the girl at the same time as our poor, brave, and all knowing eighth grader.

Ninth grade came around, and the fellow tried again. However this time he learned how it is apparently “dating” and absolutely wrong to hold each other’s hands, but it is still okay to have a “thing”. Then later that year as our seasoned veteran was looking utter defeat in the eyes, the “thing” ended with another break up text… From her cousin…

Now for the most hostile environment known to man, high school. The boy started after a girl for whom he deeply cared for. They were talking and things were going great. Then came a plot twist: she’s two years older than him. Lucky for the young boy, she thought he was the same age. So he tried to pull it off, he lasted ten minutes. She knew in no time that he was too young. Desperately he tried to keep the fire alive, but it was never lit in the first place. Lesson learned; being young sucks.

Then the next year, he’s once again older and more experienced. The boy has taken great steps to becoming a man, the main one being he has grown a beard. That just makes the boy think he is irresistible. This girl, his editor-in-chief, is the one. He knew it. The constant flirting, the never ending marriage proposals, and the shared connection confirmed it all.

All was going great until that fateful day. The dad-zone. She said she liked him, but could never date him because the boy reminded her too much of her father. To make matters worse, she referred to the boy as the wrong name one day and mistook him for her father.

The lesson this defeated lad learned: don’t look old and don’t be old. Even if you are younger than the other person, you can still be put in the dad-zone.

Relationships are hard, but that is no reason to give up. Take this brave young man we just learned about, he never quit. He kept going and pushing on. You can too. Learn to take these harsh situations and turn them around to valuable learning opportunities.

Remember that as you go through these school years. You will be disappointed and you will have your heart broken. That is no reason to give up. These years are not the rest of your life. They are simply just a time to teach you so you are prepared for the rest of your life.