Coming Together


Photo by Becky Weber

The world is divided, people are different, but we are still united by the arts. Whether it be music, dance, or art, every culture has some form of it.

According to Education for World Futures, art can, “transcend politics, gender, economies, cultural differences, and technologies, revealing insights unattainable by reason or rationality. It can bring the intangible within grasp, give substance to the invisible…” Art has the ability to pass all of these barriers and bring people that come from different walks of life together. The world uses art as a form of expression and that expression can reach other people, and it can mean something to them. Art has been used to represent religious figures, capture the fiercest battles, protest society, and an infinite collection of other things.

 National Geographic said the oldest art is 36,000 years old in the Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc in France. According to The Method Behind the Music, the first advanced instruments were invented in Egypt in 4000 BCE. The website Dance Facts said dance became widespread in 3000 BCE in Egypt. Their purpose then was to tell a story and that’s no different now. These art mediums are used as a way to communicate with others and to help them understand the world around them.

In the book, The Art That Changed the World, it states that art has been extremely important throughout human history. “Whether representational pictures are created as forms of worship, entertainment, decoration, status, or record keeping, they have formed an integral part of almost every civilization.” There have been many art movements in history and they almost always coincide with what is happening in the world around them.

Art has the ability to bring people together and gives them a common culture. It helps us to put our differences aside and enjoy the fact that we’re all people.