The Perfect Family


Photo by Bustle

Maddy Reagan, Staff Writer

When I was younger I had dreams, a little too ambitious of dreams but they were desires nonetheless. I planned my future on out-of-reach wishes about who I would marry when I was older. In retrospect, it’s a little zealous to believe that 8-year-old Maddy could actually date a celebrity like Zac Efron, but I convinced myself that I too, was famous.

I first met my hunky husband from a game my family and I used to play together on the PlayStation; it was called “Singstar”, you could sing so many iconic early 2000’s hits including those from Rihanna, Destiny’s Child, My Chemical Romance and Jesse McCartney. His voice captivated my pre-pubescent idea of true love, my favorite song of his being “Beautiful Soul.”

My mom and I always sang this together whilst doing my spelling practice, I knew every single lyric. I lived the perfect life, playing house with my dreamy husband and our family consisting of my cat, Zuzu and our daughter Rizzo from Grease, and  Emmia (pronounced Emma). I had a lot of unique imaginary friends; they all used to play with me in my McDonalds Playset. Not only was McDonald’s my favorite restaurant, I also wanted to work there to get free food. Like I said I was a kid with true ambition. I intricately constructed my perfect family, in my world I was a great mother that fed her children McDonald’s on the daily.

Although imaginary friends sound like an odd concept Today’s Parent verifies the idea that it’s not entirely weird for having imaginary friends as 65% of children have them. Trust me when I say that imaginary friends, and in my case boyfriends are good because a child can partake in the development of social skills with their invisible buddies.

As little kids we have so much confidence in ourselves and are convinced that we are so extremely special; we think we’re special enough to even marry a celebrity. I miss the confidence that I had manifested when I was little, but the perfect family I had sought after was already there supporting these crazy ambitions. Although we miss the past, the future is where good things happen. Even if we don’t end up marrying Jesse McCartney our lives are amazing just the way they are now.