Franchises of the Future

Rachel Van Leeuwen, Opinion Editor

It’s the year 2018. We are eagerly anticipating many movies this year, but we’re most excited for movies such as Avengers: Infinity War, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. 50 years from now, in 2068, movies like these will still be coming out.

These movies are all a part of franchises. Movie-goers love franchises, whether it be the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, or Harry Potter. And those are just a few of the movie franchises that dominate theaters around the world. These franchises support the box office and we can’t imagine the entertainment industry without them. But these franchises can’t go on forever. Or can they?

We’ve seen movie franchises lose their steam. Franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean have steadily declined in quality and box office income. Although there might still be some hardcore Pirates fans, The Numbers, a movie analysis site, shows Pirates’ domestic box office decline at a little less than 100 million with each movie since their second movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. However, we can only hope our favorite franchises will last.

The year is 2068. What’s playing in theaters, you might ask? Movies like Jurassic Galaxy: Space T-Rex and Vernon Dursley: Surviving the Magic are huge successes. But the most popular movie in 2068 is Star Wars: Episode LXI. The movie follows Han Solo and Leia Organa’s force sensitive great-great-granddaughter Jyn Solo. In 2068, these franchises are still going strong. Not to mention there are weeks of entertainment to be found simply by having a Star Wars marathon.

The success of these films will be found in multiple generations who are still following the movies they’ve watched since they were kids. In an article by The Washington Post, it says, “The holy grail for studios, demographically speaking, is a family-friendly movie that parents still really want to see themselves.” Old and young alike will flock to the theaters to watch an 89-year-old Chris Pratt make a five-second cameo in Jurassic Galaxy: Space T-Rex.

In summary, there’s no need to fear the day your favorite movie franchise stops producing. When you’re in your late sixties, these franchises will still be around. And they’re here to stay.