Just Too Busy

Aubrey Tanner, Staff Writer & Photographer

With homework, family, jobs, and extracurricular activities; it’s no wonder that high schoolers can’t make it to every school activity.

Bingham High is filled with school spirit and has great activities that bring the student body together. However, sometimes there are so many activities we just can’t fit it all in.

Zach Olsen a Junior at Bingham said, “The activities start with good intentions but everyone is so busy not very many people show up.”

Although most high schoolers love being busy sometimes, it just gets overwhelming.

Everyone tells you to make the most out of high school and to get involved, but with everything going on in our lives outside of school, it can feel almost impossible. There is just so much to do.

First, there is the homework, Sometimes, our grade depends on us skipping out on things to maintain a good GPA. Sometimes we just put it off and then last minute get it all done, and sometimes we legitimately just have too much homework. It’s important to put first things first and stay organized and on top of your homework and get everything done on time. However, some of us are procrastinators and struggle with getting things in on time, and end up using the “too busy” excuse where you are busy with life and don’t want to go to games and events going on at the school.So we tell our friends and family we can’t because we are so busy even if we just want to go home and catch up on the homework that we’ve put off.

Jobs can also be demanding. In high school you work toward being a functioning adult; being an adult requires a level of independence. Sometimes your parents stop paying for you and you need a job to support you and your future and sometimes that is more important than activities put on by the school.Then, there’s family. Sometimes your family makes you do things instead of going to school things.

Heidi Anderson a sophomore at Bingham High School said, “I feel like school activities are a lot of fun but deemed as uncool, so not many people go.”  School activities are fun and express school spirit but there are so many activities and so many of us are busy so many times it’s impossible to make it to the fun school events.