Goodbye, Junior Year


Photo by Pixnio

Everyone has told us that junior year is the absolute worst. We’re no longer sophomores so we don’t suck, but we are not quite seniors so we aren’t really relevant. The thrill of turning sixteen and getting our licenses has worn off, and we’re not an adult so we can’t vote. Honestly, junior year has been crazy busy. AP classes, the ACT, starting to stress about college, it was rough… but it was also probably the best year of our lives so far.

As juniors, we already know the drill. We have all the cheers memorized so we can scream them confidently at football games and we know exactly how to get to Rice Eccles for state.  All of our friends can finally drive so going out is no longer a huge deal. We’re not the awkward sophomores in the back of the gym at dances because we know to go straight to the mosh pit.

Even though we’re all drowning in homework, we realize that we are already halfway through high school and we want to make every moment count. Yes, we should be at home doing our math homework, but we’re sure as heck not missing the last improv show of the year or any sports game our fellow Miners are playing in. Honestly, the most satisfying moments of junior year were the moments when we slammed the textbook shut and said, “I don’t care. I’m going to the basketball game.”

The class of 2019 has been put through the ringer. Our middle schools were re-done the year we left, Regents’ Scholarship turned down the tap for our class, college day was moved, we had to take the writing section of the ACT, there was a raffle for parking passes. As if the eleventh grade wasn’t hard enough already! But guys, we’ve made it.

Autumn Clark, soon to be a survivor of junior year, said, “[Junior year] was definitely stressful, but from chemistry tests to school dances it was worth it. Even though it was a hard year in school, all of the things I did with friends were really exciting so I wouldn’t change it.”

We conquered every single obstacle life has thrown at us and have somehow made it out alive. Junior year was a rollercoaster from start to finish. So let’s relax this summer. Take a break and get ready for senior year. We’re only better off for facing the challenges junior year handed out like Hope Squad hands out candy. (And thank you for that, it’s very much appreciated.) As Kelly Clarkson said, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” So come on class of 2019, rest up this summer and get ready, because senior year is going to be the time of our lives.