Bingham’s Deep-Rooted Traditions

From white-washing the ‘B’ to our very own school song, Bingham has a lot of traditions we know and love, so let’s go over why they came to be.

According to the History of Bingham High School by Scott Crump, our school goes all the way back to the fall of 1908, where we were proclaimed a branch of  Jordan High School, later to break off in January of 1910. This is where we started and the beautiful banner of royal blue and white was unfurled. Traditions were started shortly after the creation of the school, and most of these would last even to this day. So let’s honor our founders by going into more detail about some of our most memorable traditions we celebrate.

The first Bingham school building started construction in 1910, and finished in 1912 with students from the towns of Bingham, Copperfield, and others being brought to this school in buses pulled by horses. A few years later, in 1918, the first yearbook was published and handed out under the name The Metal later changed to The Coppertonian. And a year later saw the creation of the school newspaper. The newspaper went into many different name changes starting with The Apocalypse to The Arrow, and later into The Coppertonian. This was later changed due to confusion with the school newspaper into Hi-Lights and finally into The Prospector.

Then in the school year of 1926-1927, the student body officers were selected. They got down to business immediately with the establishment of the ‘B’ on the mountainside, along with the tradition of whitewashing the ‘B’ every spring. In 1930, the school song was voted on by the student body officers from submissions from the students. Jack Smith, a seventeen year-old senior, won the contest, and Bingham Sons and Daughters was created. When asked what our wonderful school spirit meant to Bingham sophomore Jared Peterson, he said that Bingham has a lot more school spirit than any of his previous schools by far.

There is a lot more traditions passed on by some of our founding miners, but they’re long gone from Bingham, so how can we hold up their legacy? Well, what if our generations came up with our own traditions, and left our own mark on this wonderful school’s legacy? This year is the establishment of the first ever lighting of the ‘B’ with modern LED lights that will be seen throughout Utah. We have left our mark, and hopefully a little bit of school spirit along with it that can be seen by future generations for years to come.