Miner Bucket List

Alex C. Hickmon, Artist

Your time here at Bingham High School is extremely short, and there’s so much that you should do.

From True Minering to simple things like attending football games. Every Miner should try to do everything and anything. Bingham is full of traditions and events, and they’re welcome to every Miner.

Isaac Ngatuvai, the SBO of Spirit says that every Miner should:

  • Go to one event for every sports team at least once.
  • Attend every dance at least once.
  • Go to every musical.
  • Stay past midnight inside the school.
  • Somehow get on the roof of Bingham.
  • Buy every food from the Mine.
  • Letter in something.
  • Win the Spirit Bowl.
  • Get asked to another school’s dance.
  • Join Pit-Crew.

Bailey Stewart, the SBO of Activities says that every Miner should:

  • Go to Temple Square with the Starlight kids.
  • Skip school and go to St. George.
  • Start a cheer at a football game.
  • Roast S’mores on the quad.
  • Attend a movie night at school.
  • Take a class that seems a little different than your interests.
  • Try and be a peer-tutor.
  • Go to the All Day Assembly.
  • Do Squad Jobs to raise money for True Blue.
  • And most importantly, you should meet new people.

Your time is seriously extremely short, so try to do it all. Get out of your comfort zone, create your own traditions, make your own memories. Live up your high school years there’s no time like the present—our time is now.