Advice for Aquarius

Viri Alfonso, Copy Editor

It’s the best time of the year once again: Aquarius season.

That is, for fellow Aquarius. But this is more than just our birthdays. Our Zodiac tells us things about ourselves we either already knew, or are barely figuring out. It gives us an insight to who we are and why we are. Although it’s hard to completely fit into one category, there are a lot of truths in astrology, and you may find some truth in what it holds for you.

The Aquarius sign comes from the star sign, the Water Bearer, which is one of the oldest known constellations ever. The Water Bearer, according to AstroStyle, “Symbolized by the philanthropic and objective Water Bearer, Aquarius energy is innovative and avant-garde.” To put it simply, the sign is thoughtful, mindful, and creative.

There are so many great qualities to Aquarius. They are kind, very thoughtful of others. They care for their environment, they take many things into account, such as other people’s feelings, their situations, and their involvement with them.

They are very out there, and may seem to have their heads in the clouds, but it is not in vain. An Aquarius will prefer to stay positive, although stressing will definitely ensue. However, They are strong and can be grounded if you need them to be.

Enjoy the Aquarius season, and may it bring you good fortune.