Ode to Music

I want you to try and think of a day this year that you haven’t listened to music of some sort. Chances are you probably can’t, because our lives essentially revolve around it.

As humans beings, we obviously seek out things that stimulate our brains which in-turn stimulates us. One of the things we’ve taken to is this crazy concept of music. Studies done at McGill University (using fMRI scans/equipment) show that when listening to our favorite song(s), our brain releases dopamine aka the brains happy chemical, which is released through other things such as eating, and the use of an addictive drug. It’s no wonder we take to music naturally, as it can make us feel better in essentially any situation.

Another thing we love about music is that it brings us together. There’s nothing like hopping in the car with your friends to cruise around listening to a song everyone can sing along (or scream along) to. Even when you go to a concert, you can walk in alone and come out with five new friends all because you were rocking out in the same area. Even Bingham Teacher Kevin Moritz recalls “…..being upfront at coachella singing along to one of my favorite bands. …..soon enough the guy next to me [who happens to be shaun white] and I have linked arms and we’re jumping and singing together.”

As German composer/philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Without music, we wouldn’t have a way to express ourselves as it allows us to. We wouldn’t have the privilege of being loud and annoying because we all know the song on the radio.Movies would still be silent without the soundtracks that bring them to life. So next time you’re listening to your favorite album whether it be at work, at home, or at school, just take a minute to appreciate it a little more. I feel we could all be a little more thankful for this wonderful mix of sound in our ears.