Ode to the Sun

It’s about time that we give a shout out to the giant, 864,000-mile wide ball of combusting gas that keeps us alive.

The sun is essential in our lives, and that’s not an overstatement. It provides heat, energy, plant growth, and the ability to tan. We long for it in the winter, and embrace it in the summer. Sometimes we take the sun for granted, and would rather stay inside and close the blinds so we’ll never have to see it. But that actually hurts us more than it helps us.

While we spend time in the sun, the rays will provide our bodies with vitamin D. Vitamin D is a nutrient that goes to our liver, kidneys, and other tissues. According to studies about the effects on the sun by renowned doctor Marc Sorenson, vitamin D actually helps us to stop cancers. Sorenson talks about how vitamin D promotes process of cell death, especially in old and damaged cells in your body. A lot of people think that the sun cause cancer, but in reality it helps in the slowing of cancerous cell proliferation.

The sun is especially important as we transition in these next couple months from frigid cold, to nice and warm. The summer months are all about fun in the sun. It’s all about walks to the park and playing in the sprinklers. As a result, we get out more, and as a benefit we get more exercise. And if the heat gets you down, then run on over to the nearest pool and cool off. The whole point of summer is to get more sun, and we need to take the opportunity while we have it.

Bingham junior Noelle Wilkens says, “It’s a pretty bright thing. It provides life, and it’s a good thing it’s there.” When asked what she is planning to do over the summer, she shared that she likes to “…take a comfy blanket outside and find a good reading spot.” She also likes, “…swimming, and just playing with (her) little siblings.” So, obviously the sun has an impact on everyone. It brings comfort and good vibes all around. No wonder everyone loves that funky ball of combusting gas 93 million miles away.

We cannot take the sun for granted. It’s so much more than just a bunch of explosions happening simultaneously in a confined ball. It brings so much joy and motivation to us, and even though we can’t hug the sun, in a way it’s always hugging us.