A Letter to Bingham: Thankful for this Time

Dear Bingham,

This has been quite the adventure, hasn’t it? This year didn’t end the way any of us thought that it would. We’re missing out on things. It’s unfair. But we shouldn’t let this loss take away from what we experienced in these past three years that was meaningful. I know that I for one have plenty to be grateful for thanks to my high school experience.

The one thing I am most thankful for from Bingham high school is my teachers. I have teachers I consider to be friends, who I trust to do what is best for me. My teachers taught me so much, even beyond the curriculum in their class. I learned study skills and how to prioritize a heavy workload. I learned how to form and break habits. I learned that the world is a big, diverse place and that that is what is beautiful about it.

During high school, I learned a lot about myself too. I’ve dealt a lot with self-esteem, with feeling like I’ll never be enough. I don’t even know what I don’t think I’m enough for. But in these past few years, I’ve learned that others feel this same way, that I’m not alone and I’m not broken for feeling this way. I’ve learned that who I am is okay, that I’m not doing anything wrong and that I don’t need to worry about always trying to be what other people want me to be. I’ve learned to be comfortable with who I am and to embrace myself fully.

What might be the most influential part of anybody’s high school experience is the people they spend their time with. I think I’ve been lucky these past few years. I’ve had some really great friends, both people I’ve known for a long time and only gotten closer with and people that I’ve met only recently. These people are the highlight of my high school experience and have definitely shaped who I am, especially my interests and my values.

We all remember at the beginning of high school when everyone told us the importance of getting involved by joining clubs and groups that we were interested in. Now that I’m looking back at this time, I see how valuable that advice really was. I played in the orchestra, and now when I think about what it is I’ve done these past few years, the things I did with the orchestra are most of the highlights. I got the opportunity to play amazing pieces of music in  Libby Gardner Hall at the University of Utah. I went on tour and got to see renowned professional orchestras. I got to play in the pit orchestra of our musicals for the past two years and be a small part of making them a success. This year, I got to serve as an officer and give back to the group that I love, and I had the opportunity to play a solo accompanied by the orchestra. This has been such a joy in my life, and I am so grateful for all of the people who gave me these wonderful life experiences.

Lastly, I’m thankful for the newspaper. I’ve loved getting to write and have my work published, and to know that maybe somebody reads it and gets a little bit of enjoyment out of it. This class has been so much fun and I’ve been so grateful to get to know and spend time with each and every one of my fellow staff members. And I’m especially grateful for Miss Quist. The amount of work she puts in to help our little troop be a success is inspiring, and I know from experience that she’s just as dedicated in her other classes. Whenever people talk about the teachers that shape us, she’s one of the people that come to my mind.

Bingham, that you for the opportunities that you have given me to grow, to learn, to enjoy my time, and to truly become myself.


Shelese Moore