A Letter To Me


Elizabeth Rose, Staff Writer


You must have a lot of questions about the future. Well I can tell you, it’s not what you thought! 

During your sophomore year, the world shuts down, everything closes from movie theaters to some stores. Even the school closes! Well school continues just at home, and it is a pain! You have to work school into your daily schedule, it’s extremely annoying because you won’t always have time to do everything.

Here’s what you can do, first focus better, it’s hard to focus when there is a lot you can do.Second, work hard, it’s important to work on what’s important. Third, make sure you talk to your parents about getting a spot somewhere where you can work on your own without any interruptions. Also, alert your parents that they need to stock up on toilet paper, baby wipes and clorox wipes.The entire world is about to shut down. Be prepared! It’s important for you to prepare not only for the world shutting down but for the after world. 

The world is going to change and you will change!  

Lots of Love, 

Elizabeth Rose