The Power of Mindset


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Make the choice to have a positive mindset and it will brighten your life.

School, covid, quarantine, and deadlines have all made life crazy. From barely missing an “A” to running out of time for homework, things tend to build up. Everything just seems to be going wrong right now. I know I’m not the only one feeling the heavy load from the first quarter.

There is a lot of talk everywhere about self care and doing what’s best for you. For me, it seems really difficult to take care of myself when I’m constantly focusing on school. But there is one way I have found that can benefit your well being and help you in school. It is a positive mindset. As simple and repetitive as this idea may seem, I believe it is the most crucial part of success in school and at home.

A positive mindset is a one-on-one matter with yourself. You determine what kind of mindset you will have. No one can make the decision for you, but others can still support you. You can use your own and others’ ideas to develop a positive mindset.

I have always questioned, what are the ways you develop a positive mindset? After discussing this question with Charron Mason, a Bingham history teacher and coach, I came to a conclusion. There is no exact answer to it. This is why: Every person is unique. You are you and that is one of the most important things to recognize. You learn and grow differently than me, or even the person sitting next to you. Your identity is crucial to developing a positive mindset.

This is something that can’t be done overnight. And yes, it is hard! But by making the choice to have a positive mindset you are already one step ahead. Developing this kind of mindset is a step-by-step process. So clear your head of the idea that it is something you instantly gain. You can do it by taking each step at a time.

First let’s get one thing straight: having a positive mindset is a personal choice and is not just one simple fix. It is a continuous choice you need to make every single day. Every day you wake up, you decide if it’s going to be a good day or a bad day. You choose if you’re feeling positive or negative.

I would suggest starting your day off with things that fill you with happiness. Happiness can consist of a gratitude list, a delicious healthy breakfast, or an uplifting quote journal. An idea that I loved from Marinda Quist, a Bingham English teacher, was listening to a happy music playlist when you get up. Starting your day off right will help you feel more positive about the rest of your day.

Second, intertwine your day with a balance of work, school, and self. Make time to participate in something that makes you happy and don’t forget to plan it!

“[Mindset is influenced by] preparing but also the consistency… and how you learn to juggle those things. Life is a big huge juggling act and how you can balance all the different aspects that are coming your way,” said Ms Mason.

At some point we are all guilty of doing one task right after another so fast that when our day ends we look back and realize we didn’t do anything that made us happy. Preparing and planning your happy time will help improve your mood and mindset.

Next, end your day with preparation, which is a personal favorite of mine. Rather than focusing all your attention on what is negative or what is building up on you, focus on what you can do right now to prepare. What can you do tomorrow that can make you feel happier?

Recognize where you need improvement. Reevaluating your personal daily routines and habits are a great place to start. Dig deep and focus on your emotions, time, or peers. What things are dragging you away from a positive mindset? Sometimes spending too much time on social media, neglecting your physical needs, and procrastinating homework could impact your mind.

If things are dragging you down, change it! Change is good and very important for growth. Once you have found where improvements are needed, make an action plan. Set goals on those small areas of your life. No matter how small your change is, it will still benefit your mindset.

All of this information is important, but one thing I find that is necessary to understand for a positive mindset is this: failure is still growth. What if you fail at having a positive mindset? What if a negative thought comes back into your head?

Don’t stress! Failure is still a step forward. How you react to your failure will determine the direction you go. It’s okay to start over. It’s okay to mess up sometimes. This is a process and I believe that anyone who set their minds to it, can do it! So, take your first step to having a positive mindset today.