Utah’s Hidden Treasures: Christmas Activities


Christmas in color lit-up trees. Taken by Hannah Blankman

Hannah Blankman and Ella Milakovic

As Christmastime approaches there is a serious question we all need answered. How do we have fun this year while still being safe? Here are the adventures we found that most capture the Christmas spirit while defying the powers of COVID-19. Finding hidden treasures this time of year is simple; just get in your car and explore. You can go anywhere from driving around your neighborhood to paying for a light display like Christmas in Color.


Christmas in Color is an interactive experience with lights, music, tunnels, and more. While the cost is $30 a car, it is worth the cost! Don’t let the compact scene fool you from the outside. Those who sit by the road and watch the dancing lights will miss the adventure of winding through light tunnels and enjoying the full display. 


The radiant colors fill the expanse of the South Jordan equestrian park. With lights synchronized to famous Christmas songs, it truly is a magical car ride. Once you get in line for the show, an attendant comes and checks your ticket. They will tell you the radio station, and you can turn it on in your car. Driving through the field you will see lots of different lights that flash and change color according to the Christmas songs that play on your car radio. There are lots of songs, and each section is programmed to match them. As we drove through the show the park came to life! 


If Christmas in Color isn’t for you, there are plenty of other free light displays open to the public. We spoke to Amy Robinson, a South Jordan resident who has an impressive and expansive light display in her front yard. The synchronized show is visible from your car on a slow drive by or parked to enjoy multiple songs. The lights change color and sing along to the songs. While her family’s light display is nowhere near as big as Christmas in Color, it still takes “hundreds of hours” to program, according to Robinson.


Amy went on to say, “Each pixel light can be programmed to unlimited color choices. [My husband] does have some software that helps, but it’s a very complicated process he has figured out over time.”


Our favorite song in Robinson’s display is “Hot Chocolate” from The Polar Express, the dancing lights flame and burst in an array of colors that bring the song to life. Another classic of this ameteur display is “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch” from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The next time you are out driving around at night looking for something to do, stop by Dunsinane Drive and watch the Robinson’s lights. 


The final area of Christmas lights that we explored, is a neighborhood commonly known as Christmas Street. This circle is full of families that team up to create this eye-catching display of lights that coordinate between the houses. The actual name of the street isn’t very festive, and you can find it on Glen Arbor Street in Sugarhouse, UT. The families even have a giant Christmas tree in the center of the circle! The route can be driven through or walked through. While all the homes may not be over the top, the overall effect makes the street like something out of a story book. 


No matter what you choose this holiday season, we simply hope it is merry and bright and you find peace. As we close out this crazy year, we could all use a little Christmas cheer. We found our cheer on a safe outing with friends and we wish all Miners joy as well.