Bingham Has Been Good to Me


Photo by Alyssa Anderson

Collage of High School Pictures.

That’s not to say that there haven’t been roadblocks and sometimes complete cliffs along the way, but in truly reflecting on my years here, Bingham has given me so much good. The friendships and experiences gathered here will all stick with and shape me as I continue on this long, winding road. 

I’ve learned not only to enjoy my time surrounded by the people I love, but also to enjoy the time alone. School has taught me that life is better when you can be comfortable in your own self. Sometimes you have to eat or work alone, but the more you are comfortable with yourself, the faster and better you can be comfortable with others. 

Life changes so fast and unexpectedly. Sometimes learning to adapt is a solo process, but sometimes you are surrounded by people going through that exact same process. I´ve learned to take the time to be alone, but to never forget that there are people around me who can validate and help me. 

I will remember the days I spent learning about the world around me. I will remember the group phone calls with friends while we “worked” on homework for hours. I will remember the people who were so kind as to help me when I felt confused and lost. I was never truly alone at Bingham, and I’ll ever forget that. 

The most important thing Bingham has given me are the people. Although our roads may diverge, my friends and teachers have begun to shape me into the person I am and will be. The people who helped me enjoy learning the most were the teachers who really showed how much they cared. Those same teachers made the school and its people better. 

Now although teachers had such a huge impact, it’s admittedly nothing like the impact my friends have had. My life is rooted in them. The experiences and distinctive personalities shared with me have become a part of me, and they continue with us as we all adventure into a seemingly different world. Each of them and their many kindnesses have made my world a better place, and for that I can never forget them. 

I will remember the long drives around the city blasting our favorite songs. I will remember playing at the park like we did as kids, just taking in our youth. I will remember the nights spent talking on the phone as we glimpse into each other’s lives. I will remember the school plays, musicals, and projects that we spent countless hours working together on. I will never forget the hours, months, and years spent growing with people I love. 

Bingham brought me friends, mentors, theatre, curiosity, patience, growth, love, and pain. So thank you, Bingham. Thank you for bringing me to the person I am today. I´m still filled with room to grow, but all the more ready for it because of you.