Senior Words of Wisdom

Bingham’s seniors have been through a lot. One thing they can leave behind is advice for the future. In a survey, the seniors told us what advice they would give to other Bingham students and this is a collection of what they said:

Best of the Best

  • “Be yourself. Do what you know is right. Acknowledge your weaknesses and work hard for those to become your strengths. Don’t be afraid to dump a toxic friend or relationship. Be ok with who you are and don’t change who you want to be for anyone else. Shoot for the stars because even if you fall, you’ll still be up in the sky.”
  • “Focus on what really matters which is yourself and your education. Focus on finding yourself, learn to be alone. Don’t waste your energy on high school relationships. Focus on you, and once you feel good with yourself and you know you, the people that [are] meant to be around you will come.” 
  • “As somebody who has obsessed over grades, I would say grades aren’t everything. Yes, they’re important, but it’s not the be all end all.”
  • “Worrying about fitting in is pointless because after high school, everyone wants to be different than each other. Might as well start now to figure out who you really are!”
  • “Be involved. The best high school experience is one where you make memories. Try out for the team! Try as many sports as you want, join clubs, ask that person out. JUST DO IT!!”
  • “Having a good attitude can make or break your high school experience.”
  • “Find a way to make every day fun, or school won’t be something you enjoy”

Other Common Themes

Be yourself

  • “Be strong in who you are and your values but be kind and loving to everyone!!”
  • “Just go for it!! Don’t hold back because you’re afraid of being turned down or judged. You’ll never regret putting yourself out there!”
  • “Don’t waste your time on people that are not good for you. Focus on the people that build you up and help you reach your goals.”
  • “Nobody cares as much about you as you do. If you’re going to take a risk, then take the risk. No one will know the difference in you tomorrow if you don’t change how tomorrow will be.”
  • “Live your life and do not care what other people think about it!! I think that’s one of the number one reasons why high school is so hard is because we want to be like somebody/everybody else but life is so much better when you can just do your own thing and enjoy it!”
  • “Realize that if you think people will judge you for something that you do, like, or say, then that is on them. That is their loss if they’re not willing to get to know you because of a first impression or an impression from others. If someone finds it weird that you said “Hello” to them, that is their loss, and that’s on them.

Don’t procrastinate

  • “Just do your homework. I know you want to have fun but at the end of the day just make sure your homework is done. If you’re struggling, talk with your teachers. They will help!”
  • “Don’t procrastinate, don’t get caught up in the little things / enjoy every little moment and find joy in everything. Stick to your passion, whether it’s sports or music or acting or whatever your passion is, don’t quit.”
  • “Do your stinking hw when you get it, don’t procrastinate!! Also just be yourself and stop trying to impress everybody because in reality [no] one cares.”
  • “Writing down when assignments are due in a single place is incredibly useful in getting your work done on time.”
  • “Do your homework no matter what even if it’s going to be late. Better late than never. Don’t be scared to ask for help like me.”
  • “Just keep going. Do everything the day it is assigned and then you have more free time later.”

Be a part of school activities

  • “Put yourself out there. Take risks and get involved! High school is way more fun and fulfilling when you’re spending it with people and purpose.”
  • “Go to dances!! You will regret not going!”
  • “Be involved! Go to sports activities; Even if you don’t have friends to go with, go and you will make friends there.”
  • “Just enjoy it while you can, it goes by so fast. Make the most of your time here and participate in all the activities you can.”

Balance is key

  • “School is important but it’s not so important you lose yourself over it and stress constantly.”
  • “Take a few hard classes senior year but don’t wear yourself out.”
  • “Don’t [force] yourself to join so many clubs or organizations that you can’t keep up in school. Also boyfriends/girlfriends/ romantic partners in high school isn’t important. Don’t wrap your life around them.”

Just relax

  • “We’re here for a good time not a long time so go live life to the fullest!”
  • “School is important, but take some time to enjoy time with your friends and the experiences you only get in High School! You’ll regret it if you don’t!”
  • “Have fun and make the most out of the high school experience. Go to dances, football games, clubs, and activities. And don’t overburden yourself academically. You have all of college to do that.”
  • “Just keep going, this is a small thing compared to the rest of your life”
  • “Live everyday. You only have 24 hours a day”
  • “Get a good amount of sleep and drink lots of water, it really improves your mood.”
  • “There is more to school than just the academics. I feel like I would have been totally fine if I had taken less AP classes and socialized more.”

Work hard

  • “Just do the work, it’s never as bad as it seems”
  • “Never take advantage of opportunities you are given and appreciate little moments with your friends before it’s over. Spend time on assignments and strive to get good grades because at the end of the year with C’s and B’s, you’ll wish you did more.”
  • “Just keep pushing through, it’s hard work and most of it isn’t fun, but it’s good practice for working hard out in the real world”

Funny Ones

  • “If you cannot wow them with your brilliance, baffle them with your BS.”
  • “Stay swaggy *finger guns*”
  • “Don’t be a spoiled child.”
  • “Good luck lmaooo”
  • “Just miss school it’s way more fun”

Final Advice

  • “Helping others is the most rewarding thing you can do”
  • “Meditate. Work hard. Roll with the punches.”
  • “Do what YOU want to do. Don’t let the crowd push you around. Go out into the world after high school and make the world a better place in the way that only you can do!
  • “Doing work as soon as you get it saves you more time than you might think”
  • “Get the grind work done here because there’s so many more opportunities at a real college (but don’t take more than 5 extremely hard classes a semester)”
  • “Push yourself out of the box and try new things before you run out of time!”