Records are Revived!


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Record Store day is April 20th!

Lexi Chopine, Staff Writer

     At a time when many people only download their music and pay for just a few of their favorite songs, most are completely unaware of independent record stores. But these hidden treasure troves exist throughout the Salt Lake valley. Although some sell new and used CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and video games, many are completely focused on vinyl.
     Searching through rows upon rows of LPs, music fans can find anything from a vintage record released in the 70’s to a recent album released last week. Listening to an album on vinyl can be a hassle because they have to be flipped halfway through, and are generally more expensive. However, these problems seem to stop mattering once the record is actually spinning. Vinyl produces a warmer, richer sound than CDs and digital music. And for those who are worried that they can’t have their LPs on CDs or on their iPods, many new and remastered records come with digital download codes.
     Independent record stores are so celebrated that they even have their own holiday. Record Store Day falls on April 20, a Saturday, this year. Those who visit record stores that day will find decent discounts as well as exclusive releases. Artists such as David Bowie, Avenged Sevenfold, Cake, Bon Jovi, Brian Eno, Bob Dylan, the Flaming Lips, Rolling Stones, the XX, Phoenix, and Mumford and Sons are all releasing new or rare material, mostly on vinyl. These treats can be found at any of the six Graywhale locations, Randy’s Records, the Heavy Metal Shop, RAUNCH, and ReSpin Records. More information can be found at