Diving into State

Braden Powell, Online Editor

Diving. A sport that most people forget about until they watch the Olympics. Among the students at Bingham High School is a diving prodigy. Lizzy Holmes, a sophomore, has been diving for four years. A friend’s mother suggested to her that she should get into the sport. She hasn’t looked back since. Due to the fact she is the only member of the dive team, she doesn’t get much recognition, but she deserves it. She works very hard and she is very successful.

For a period of four years, Lizzy has been devoting a large amount of her daily activities to diving practice. She practices in Provo at BYU for roughly two hours a day. When you factor in the fact she has to drive, she is devoting 3 and a half hours to practice. She manages to be both successful athletically and academically. She maintains a 3.96 GPA.

When asked why she enjoys diving she said “I like the challenge of learning a new dive and the feeling of success that I feel when I nail the components of the dive.” Lizzy has done more than successfully nail the components of a dive. She won state both this year and last year as a freshman. Lizzy has found success so far, and hopes that it continues. She has the desire to receive a scholarship and dive for a college team. College is just one of her many aspirations. She is also planning on diving at the Olympics in the year 2020 in Japan.