Bingham Boys Volleyball

Bingham’s boy’s volleyball team is ready to take over the courts this year. This is the first year Bingham has had a boys’ volleyball club team, and the team is killing it. They have eight players, which is fewer than most teams. Yet they still manage to dominate on the courts. They practice on Mondays and have games on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The games are usually at Bonneville Junior High. “We need more people there!” Said senior Scott Koch, “We need more people to come out and support. It’s a good time!” The team is full of many talents and some of their strengths include hitting, blocking, and communicating on the court. Not to mention, entertaining their fans. “A lot of people say ‘Volleyball? That’s a girls sport.” But then they go and watch a boy’s team play and they say, ‘Wow, that was crazy!’” said junior, Seth Anderson. “We have a good team. We work together and like each other. And it’s fun because we are all good friends too!” said Anderson. The season is looking bright for Bingham boys volleyball. “We are one of the better teams in the league so if we work hard I think we could possibly win state,” said Koch. Boys volleyball is not a sanctioned sport with Bingham, so the team cannot play games at Bingham. “I definitely wish it was sanctioned. It would be so cool to play here at Bingham.” Sanctioned or not sanctioned, let’s get the student section popping at the upcoming boy’s volleyball games. The next time you have nothing to do on a Tuesday or Thursday night, come out and support Bingham’s boy’s volleyball team!