Bingham Football

The Bingham Miners have done it again: the football team pulled off an undefeated regular season for the second year in a row and qualified themselves for yet another state title.

Beginning with a 41-14 thumping of Orem, and ending with a 48-21 defeat against American Fork, the Miners led a string of victories throughout the regular season and never allowed a game closer than 17 points. Thanks to the Miners’ defense, opposing teams never saw the scoreboard reach over 21, and our offense never reached less than 17 points during a game. Much like last season, the team has joined together to focus on one common goal and it’s one we can all get behind: another state championship.

According to one of the team’s captains, Amanaki Angelou, what’s really pushed them this year was the word ‘too’. “No one is ever too small or too slow. We just wanted to prove to the whole state that our players can play with anybody, that we are just as fast and just as good.” Angelou went on to explain that this has created a sense of unity for the team that had been a big contribution to the victories.

During the regular season, the Miners succeeded in showing that state that “they can play with anybody.” Six different players saw the end zone in the game against Hunter High School, and two different players have succeeded in rushing a touchdown during a game, on more than one occasion. The players on the Bingham football team are focused on winning one game at a time. They aren’t stressed, but remain humble going into the playoffs and are ready to, as Angelou put it, “take no prisoners.”

With Bingham High School seeded as number one in the 6A bracket, the State Football Playoffs started on October 28th in a game against Cyprus High School. Senior Brandon Wissler got things started with a 60-yard punt return and the Miners built off the momentum putting up 45 points before the end of the first half. Both Amoni Kaili and Cameron Mitchell rushed for two touchdowns during the game and Bingham ended the first round of the playoffs with a score of 65-7.

Game two against Syracuse sent four players to the end zone. The quarterfinals were no different than any game played this season. The Miners got off to a strong start with a pick-six by Kobi Matagi early in the first quarter and they didn’t relent after that. Although the Titans defense successfully stopped many touchdowns by Bingham, they were unable to put any points up on the scoreboard until the last 8 minutes of the fourth quarter. The second game in the playoffs ended in a 37-7 win for the miners, and although the score gap decreased from the last game, things were not looking down for Bingham.

Going into the semifinals the Bingham boys had a chip on their shoulder. “Everyone talks about how much Herriman has improved, but no one realizes we have too,” Cornerback Tanner Merrill said. Although there were many Mustangs hoping for (and Miners fearing) a Herriman win Bingham quickly shut down the very thought of it with a pick six just seven minutes into the game. The Miners won 31-7 only allowing 107 yards of offense and a total of 6 interceptions throughout the game and holding Herriman to 107 yards of offense.

Because the Miners have been the only team to defeat them, the final matchup against East promises to be a battle. After knocking off the Leopards 48-17 early in the regular season, the Bingham Miners became the only team East has lost to since before the 2016 season. The championship game will be held at Rice Eccles Stadium on Friday on November 17.

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