Bingham Mountain Biking Team’s Climb to State Championship

Feyan Hoffman, Online Editor/Social Media Manager

Mountain biking season is almost up, and Bingham’s team edges closer to the state championship in St. George on October 20th. Since the racing season kickoff in August, the team has secured mostly 2nds, 3rds, and 4ths until mid-September.

The team initiated its pre-season in May, earlier than it had been in past years. Racing season kicked off back in August, and Bingham scored third place in their first race at High Star. In their second race they notched second place at Snowbasin. Persevering through the sweltering heat and dust in Vernal, they bagged fourth place on September 15th. At their final race, set in Kamus on September 29th, they scored third place. In their region, they placed third place for this year’s season. 

The club meets three times a week: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday; they’ve been practicing since June this year. Bingham junior Kadence (Kat) Crane acknowledges the endeavors of the sport. “We’re often biking an hour away from home. It’s very time consuming, but a great way to exercise and get closer to the members of the team.” Also said by Crane, mountain biking is a much more team-oriented sport than you would think.

Bingham’s mountain biking members are insistent on supporting and encouraging each other. Although they’re technically racing against each other, they’re also aiming to score the most points for the team. A key component to both practices and races are to motivate everyone, and this is done through cheering the racers on the sidelines. “Nobody gets benched; everybody races,” said Aubree Berrett, a Bingham junior.

As this year’s mountain biking season pedals to a close, the team thirsts for a win at its final tournament this October. The top point scorers have been Gabe Noorda, Zoe Brown, Mia Brown, Matt Nelson, Jackson Howard, Corey Dilsiz, Alex Darby, Calvin Coates, Jaden Quist, and Aaron Spallino. These top scorers are vital to the team, but the effort and support of every member is just as important.