Girls Golf


Dane Durrant, Staff Writer

The sun is up, there’s a cool breeze in the air, that can only mean one thing. Girls Golf is starting.

The Girls Golf roster is looking quite promising this year. With Brett Boberg as coch, there looks to be a lot of potential, both in personal progress, and as a team. Here is the Bingham roster: Tess Blair, Carissa Graft, Hannah Jorgensen, Alanna Beagley, McKayla Vanderkooi, Kaydie Kemp, Kaleah Walker, Jenna Claybaugh, and Abbie Koch. Plus they already have two competitions under their belt.

Bingham kicked off their their season strong on March 21. In their competition at Talon’s Cove and Sleepy Ridge, Bingham’s team, led by senior Tess Blair, really represented. With Bingham taking second place overall, there was also a few solo golfers that really hit well. At Talon’s Cove, Tess Blair golfed her way to the top of the leaderboards, with senior Carissa Graft tieing for third place. At Sleepy Ridge, Blair stayed strong earning her position at second place, with Graft staying at third place.

Blair said, “I think that we are doing pretty well this year. We did lose a few good players, but even then we are doing pretty good.” When asked how well the team will do next year considering they will lose some of their top players, Blair said, “I think the team might take a little bit of a hit… I do think that they will do well, even after I am gone.”

The next girl’s golf game will be on May 5. This team is definitely a force to be reckoned with. This team has only had two games, but they have already shown their golfing prowess. At this point, they can only get better from here. With strong leadership both from the coach, and from members of the team setting a winning example, there will be more and more wins coming up.

They only have a few more competitions left, so make sure that you get out there and support our team here at Bingham. You can tell they are working hard to do the best they can. In the words of Blair, “There’s always room for improvement, so hopefully we can realize that.” Best of luck to our Girl’s Golf.