Football Homecoming Victory

Bingham v. Mountain Ridge


Photo by Brekken

First-quarter, Bingham showed the undefeated Sentinels who’s still in charge in the game on Friday, Sept 24. The first quarter started the one-sided game with a field goal against Mountain Ridge. The Miners worked to keep the ball from the offense. With each play, the Miners grew closer and closer to victory. 

The second quarter wasn’t much different, Bingham had good defense and kept the ball away from the other team. Mountain Ridge finally got some points on the board by scoring one touchdown with a total of seven points for the team.

The Miners played very well, one of their key moments was when they threw a 79-yard touchdown. The Miners kept up with impressive plays with a kickoff to a touchdown, Two touchdowns, and great defense. So far this season Bingham has played 9 teams with only 3 losses. Bingham is 5-3 this season with a 63% average for games won. Varsity Offensive Lineman Jack O’Neill (#56) said, “The season has been awesome although with a few losses. We are still on our journey to play at the U.”  The goal for the team is to get to the championship this season and get another banner on the wall. 

Third and fourth quarters, Mountain Ridge scored another touchdown and had their final score for the game. The game ended with a loss for Mountain Ridge with Miners 45 and Sentinels 15, leaving the Miners with a win by a stretch. Bingham’s games that are coming up include West Jordan and Riverton. O’Neill said, “As long as the team stays focused and prepares well, no one can beat us.” The Miners showed during the Homecoming game that they are ready and determined to defeat any team they come across.