Disney Déja Vú

Kendra Nuttall, Staff Writer

Remember the good old days when you would pop in a VHS tape, sit back, and watch your favorite Disney movie? You probably watched it every weekend, maybe even every day, and never got tired of it. 

You sang along to all of your favorite songs and could quote the entire movie. Somewhere along the way though, you stopped watching the same movie over and over again. You began to forget those songs and quotes. You grew up.

Disney was a huge part of every teenager’s childhood.

But as time went on, some of us grew out of our fascination with Disney. Our childhood obsessions and dreams slowly faded away with each passing year. Time spent in mornings and afternoons with eyes glued to the TV screen watching The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast was soon devoted to other things. Homework and middle school drama took over our lives. High school came along and the word “Disney” became a fond memory, a word that was uttered with a sigh and a wish to go back to those simpler times.

Gone were the days of scribbling in your Lisa Frank notebook and baking with your Easy-Bake Oven. Gone were the times when the hardest choice was whether to watch Hercules or Tarzan.

And yet, Disney is still here. It hasn’t left us and you don’t have to “let it go.” For many, Disney was never forgotten. Although the VHS tapes may not be around anymore, the movies are still there. Many teens still watch their favorites, whether it be for nostalgia’s sake or simply because they love them.

On any given day, you’ll probably hear someone in the hallway or in your ear singing the Frozen soundtrack. You probably still get a little excited whenever you hear about an upcoming Disney movie and there’s always that one friend who never completely grew out of it.

You still can’t decide which Disney prince is the most handsome or which Disney princess you most relate to.

And even though it doesn’t matter, you’ve probably argued about it at some point. The best part is that you still have a hard time deciding between Hercules and Tarzan.

Although it might be a memory for some and a lifestyle for others, Disney isn’t going anywhere. Your childhood role models and heroes are still there for you to look up to. You don’t have to say goodbye.

It’s true that childhood isn’t coming back. Things will never be as they were before and life won’t ever be as simple as it was when you were six years old. But if there’s one thing Disney taught you, it’s Hakuna Matata. No worries.