Getting the Guy… Again


Photo by SirGrok

Baylee Vogler, Staff Writer

If you go to Bingham High School, and I assume that you do if you’re reading this, it can definitely seem like there are too many girls choice dances. This is really frustrating for us women because, for most of the school year, it can feel like we’re the ones doing all the chasing.

There are six dances put on by the school. The first dance takes place at the beginning of the year (usually in September) and it is Homecoming. Just so everyone is clear, this is a BOYS CHOICE, so don’t be that creepy girl that asks a dude to a boys choice dance. The next dance is in November, which is Bingham Ball. This dance marks the beginning of the “drought of boys choice dances.” Some might argue that the Christmas dance is boys choice, but if that were true, not as many people would be showing up stag. Next, you’ve got Sweethearts, a girls choice Valentines dance in February. The next dance is either Prom or Girls Pref. Last year Girls Pref came before Prom, which resulted in a longer than usual drought of boys choice dances. This year, however, Prom is in March. This resulted in frantic asking of girls the day after Sweethearts. This leaves the totals at three girls choice dances and two boys choice dances.

If you look at those numbers, it might not seem like a big deal. The only reason it feels like there are so many more girls choice dances than boys choice dances is that the boys choice dances are at the beginning and end of the year, and the girls choice dances are crammed in between them. Belle Lopez, a Junior here at Bingham High school, said, “I don’t even know that many boys [so] how am I supposed to ask that many people.” This can definitely be a problem when it comes to asking people out, especially if you’re not looking to date anyone. Since there are only two boys choice dances during the whole school year, it might seem like these are the only two days when girls are getting asked out, which leads to the bigger problem.

Hardly anyone asks people out on dates other than for dances. This could be because people are worried about the cost of taking someone out on an actual date, but listen closely to this: It doesn’t have to be expensive! Some of the most fun dates are the ones that cost the least. Things like ordering a pizza and going for a drive up the canyon can be one of the most fun and least expensive dates. So for all of the girls that feel like they never get asked out and are constantly doing the chasing, don’t worry! To all the guys out there who are scared to make a move, just go for it! school dances aren’t the only days of the year when you can ask someone out. Take that step and ask that special someone out on a date. Besides, if you never ask, you’ll never know if it could work out.