The Legacy of Bingham

Braden Danise, Staff Writer

Tradition. Success. Pride. With Bingham being one hundred ten years old, there is no shortage of history and legacy in the air.

You can feel the impact of the thousands of students that have passed through the school. You can feel it on the football field, the auditorium stage, and the basketball court. You can feel it in the hallways, the library, and the lunchroom. Being a student at Bingham High School is more than going to classes and seeing friends. It’s being a part of something bigger than yourself, preserving the history of the school, and adding your own piece to Bingham’s legacy. A legacy that was created by hard work, determination, and friendship.

Obviously, athletic success is a large part of Bingham’s local and national legacy.

It can be hard to talk about our school without mentioning our amazing football team. They are always a favorite to win the state championship, and they are often highly ranked nationally. Several of our football alumni have gone on to have great careers in college or even the National Football League. A handful of these athletes have gone on to play in the NFL, furthering the national impact of our school.

However, there is more to Bingham High School’s legacy than just sports. Students at Bingham can make their mark on the world through service at the school and in the community. There are many opportunities to help other people at Bingham High School.

Brianna Andersen, a Bingham senior, said “True Blue is a major thing that helps you feel better about yourself, and helps other people too.” Andersen also said, “Bingham students care for other people, and are very inclusive.” You can leave your mark on Bingham’s legacy by participating in True Blue and all of those wonderful activities around Christmas, or you can leave your mark by simply smiling and giving compliments.

Serving our classmates and our community is a big part of the legacy of Bingham High School. Every year we raise thousands and thousands of dollars during True Blue, and we have a great time doing it.

Ultimately, the legacy of Bingham High School is the students who pass through the school day after day, year after year. Athletes, musicians, artists, dancers, writers, leaders, and crowd-followers all have something in common at Bingham; we are Miners. We are what makes Bingham an amazing place for everybody to learn, grow, and thrive.

According to the Alumni Foundation, long-time teacher and baseball coach Mr. Sato said at his induction into the Pay Dirt Club, “Bingham is special and unique, and it is worth the investment of putting your heart and soul into becoming a part of the great culture and tradition here.” Leave your legacy on Bingham High School, and Bingham will have an amazing legacy for years to come.