The Spirit of Bingham High School

Mandy Jenkins, Photographer

Bingham is one of the most spirited schools in the country. It is proven again and again. It is proven by our student section at games or by our many spirited groups and clubs throughout Bingham. We have Cheerleaders, Pit crew, Minerettes, Dance company, Student Government, and so much more. Our student body is filled to the brim with spirit.

Ms. Jacobson, one of our assistant principals, said that Bingham isn’t spirited because we win, but because we are challenged. “We take success for granted. We start thinking that just always happens.” We can start to lose school spirit at events because we get bored when we always win big. Bingham also doesn’t have the same amount of spirit year to year, it depends on the student body that year; but through the years, Bingham has gotten more unified in school spirit. Pit Crew has grown bigger, Student Gov., and our cheer squad have started working together more to help the student section be more unified, and we have pep rallies to get people excited about big things happening for each club and team at Bingham.

Isaac Ngatuvai, our SBO of spirit, said, “Bingham is definitely more spirited this year than last year…” He believes that this is because people have started realizing that we only have the three years of high school to live it up until we are adults in the real world. He also believes that our senior class this year is a big part of why we are so spirited this year. “We will never get as many people to a soccer game that we will a football game, but I think that people are trying to show up more to support the less noticed sports and events…We are trying to shift that cultural aspect,” said Isaac. Isaac also said that our winning streak affects our school spirit. “If we are blowing the other team out of the water, then we can kinda check out.”

Bingham’s school spirit grows each year. Our school spirit is evident at all of our events. We are trying to support our fellow classmates no matter what they are into, sports, theater, etc. Also, our winning streak has nothing to do with how much school spirit we have that year. It is our student body is what affects how much school spirit is present.