Footballs and Ferris Wheels


Photo by Nic Nielsen

Life size Abraham Lincoln stands in front of the ferris wheel at Scheels.

Nic Nielsen, News Editor

While sporting goods stores are common in Utah, Scheels’ stands alone with its indoor Ferris wheel, aquarium, and America themed decorations. When first opened on September 29 this year the parking lot was packed as costumers flooded the 220,000 square foot store.

Even on the outside, Scheels doesn’t look like the average sporting goods store. Bronze statues of athletes and past American presidents like Abraham Lincoln invite the customer into the store surrounded with sports merchandise. In the center of the store stands a Ferris wheel standing 65 feet tall. Behind the Ferris wheel stands a 16,000 gallon salt water aquarium filled with different kinds of fish.

On the top floor there are life- sized, moving statues of American presidents Abraham Lincoln and James Madison as well as areas for photos with stuffed animals. The store also includes sports simulators, a virtual golf driving range, a simulated shooting range, and The Gramma Ginna’s Restaurant and Fudge Shop, a restaurant named after the presidents of Scheels’ grandmother. Oh, and Scheels also sells sporting goods.

Scheels, which is only located on 11282 South State Street in Sandy, sells a variety of sport brands such as Nike, Under Armor, and Adidas and equipment for many of the most popular sports in Utah. Scheels goes beyond the average sporting goods store by giving it a patriotic theme and activities to turn a trip to the sporting goods store into a fun day with a little bit of shopping.